What is a GigaPixel?

manyA gigapixel image is a digital image bitmap composed of one billion (109) pixels (picture elements), more than 1000 times the information captured by a 1 megapixel digital camera.

Current technology for creating such very high-resolution images involves making mosaics of a large number of high-resolution digital photographs, or uses a film negative as large as 12″×9″ (30 cm×23 cm) up to 18″×9″ (46 cm×23 cm), which is then scanned with a high-end large-format film scanner with at least 3000 dpi resolution.

Recent developments have demonstrated the practicality of developing scanning cameras capable of creating a gigapixel image in a single sweep of a scene

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An entrepreneur with experience starting companies in the IP security video market. Chris started D3data a megapixel security video management software company. Chris sold D3data to Motorola in 2005 and became CEO of Mosaic Global Solutions, a megapixel security camera company.