Gigapixel Panorama Photography

September 18, 2016 Chris Hills CPP, CRMP 0

( GigaPan, a joint project between NASA, Carnegie Mellon University and Google, facilitates the creation of large gigapixel composite images. GigaPan robotic mounts are available commercially and can convert most digital cameras into super high-res panorama capturing devices. These photos MORE >>


Tour of Mount Everest Still Very Popular

September 18, 2016 Chris Hills CPP, CRMP 0

( A great 3.8 Billion Gigapixel Pixel Tour Of Mount Everest from 2012 is still very popular. Founded by acclaimed mountaineer, photographer, and filmmaker David Breashears, GlacierWorks is a non-profit organization that vividly illustrates the changes to Himalayan glaciers through MORE >>


Making The Gigapixel ArtZoom

September 18, 2016 Chris Hills CPP, CRMP 0

(Microsoft Research) Hundreds of years ago, before the age of movies and the internet, people flocked to see large-scale panoramas displayed in buildings designed specifically to house them. Fast forward to the present, and it is only very recently that MORE >>


This 46 Gigapixel Image Of Space

September 18, 2016 Chris Hills CPP, CRMP 0

( Astronomers at Germany’s Ruhr-Universitat Bochum have unveiled the largest space map ever compiled on Friday. The image is composited from some 268 individual shots captured over the past five years and spans a staggering 46 billion pixels. That’s 855,000 MORE >>


Google’s Gigapixel Art Camera

September 17, 2016 Chris Hills CPP, CRMP 0

( The ability to browse a museum’s library of art online isn’t a recent development, but Google’s Cultural Institute is improving that activity. The company built a camera specifically for capturing works of art in a way that displays detail MORE >>

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