Royal wedding in GigaPixel

September 11, 2016 Chris Hills CPP, CRMP 0

The wedding of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and Catherine Middleton took place on 29 April 2011 at Westminster Abbey in London, United Kingdom. The groom, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, is the eldest son of Charles, Prince of Wales MORE >>


One-Shot Gigapixel Camera

September 10, 2016 Chris Hills CPP, CRMP 0

( A gigapixel camera developed for the US Department of Defense’s research agency (DARPA) provides an insight into the challenges that will need to be overcome to offer super-high-resultion cameras. A team from Duke University, Durham, North Carolina, has described MORE >>


36 Gigapixel Of Ancient Petroglyphs

September 9, 2016 Chris Hills CPP, CRMP 0

( The work of photographer Mark Willis combines advanced imaging and fabrication technologies with archaeological exploration, often producing breath-taking images, 3D models, and highly accurate virtual environments from ancient sites in the U.S. Southwest. His blog?sadly, not updated since 2011?includes MORE >>


How To Make Gigapixel Macro Photographs

September 8, 2016 Chris Hills CPP, CRMP 0

( The images featured are assembled from hundreds, or more often thousands, of individual photographs. These photographs are captured using the GIGAmacro Magnify2, and are then combined to create a seamless image that has astounding resolution and depth of field. MORE >>


1.8 Gigapixel ARGUS Drone Imaging System

September 6, 2016 Chris Hills CPP, CRMP 0

( Described as the next generation of surveillance, and representing the world’s highest resolution camera, the ARGUS-IS, which stands for Autonomous Real-Time Ground Ubiquitous Surveillance Imaging System, is featured on PBS’ NOVA program on drones, which describes the latest technologies MORE >>

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