Gigapixel Made Possible By Raspberry PI

( Got some spare Lego parts, a few stepper motors, and a Raspberry Pi laying around? Why not combine the whole lot into a slick little rig that lets you experiment with gigapixel photography in the comfort of your own back yard?

That?s what the Stocker brothers set out to do with their GigaPi project. Thanks to their hard work, anyone with a little technical know-how and programming skill can build an inexpensive, motorized setup that lets a DSLR capture truly massive images.

The frame was crafted out of inch-thick MDF, sanded smooth, and given a coat of bright yellow paint. It?s been fitted to an off-the-shelf laser level that included a tripod base, which ran about $30. Pi-friendly stepper motors can be sourced on eBay for about $5, and a few more bucks were spent on a Vero board and relays that control the camera?s shutter and focus.

There?s no actual Lego build here. Instead, the Stockers fit Technic gears and worm drive bits onto the steppers and laser level base to enable the GigaPi?s movements.

One of the rig?s best features is that it?s fully portable and self-contained. Power for the Raspberry Pi, motors, and an integrated display is provided by an Anker USB battery pack ? which can be picked up quite cheaply from a number of websites.

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