St. Paul’s Cathedral In Gigapixel

( Gigapixel Photo Technology Brings St. Paul?s Cathedral Views Into People?s Homes ? A digital exhibit that gives people access to iconic views and treasures found in St. Paul?s Cathedral can now be viewed from the comfort of your home.

People around the world will be able to enjoy images and views of St. Paul?s Cathedral in extraordinary new detail thanks to a digital exhibit that?s now live on the Cultural Institute website. super high-resolution imagery from in and around the Cathedral and Street View footage, plus archivists from St Paul?s have curated the digital exhibit, providing context to the images and footage taken.


Gigapixel technology has been used to capture the mosaic that covers the iconic dome – known as the Quire ceiling – bringing it down from lofty heights and directly onto people’s screens and visitors will also be able to take a virtual stroll through the Whispering Gallery – a raised platform 30 metres off the Cathedral floor – thanks to innovative indoor Street View footage. Street View has also been used to capture the views from the dome of St Paul?s Cathedral so the spectacular London skyline can be viewed, too.

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