Analog Equivalent of Gigapixel Photos

Gigapixel photography is all the rage these days, as photographers all over the world compete to hold the record for ?world?s largest photo,? but one photographer in San Francisco is participating in a very different way.

Michael Shindler, a photographer at the tintype studio Photobooth, has built a custom giant tintype camera that shoots portraits that are the analog equivalent of a gigapixel photo.

Norman Chan over at Tested reports that Shindler?s new camera is built like an old school view camera, just like the cameras used to capture daguerreotypes in the 1800s. The camera snaps photographs on 14×17-inch plates ? much, much larger than the 4×5-inch tintypes Shindler used to make, and a standard size for X-Ray photography.

Photographer Ian Ruhter is another person who works with ultra large format (ULF) wet plates, but he mostly works in outdoor environments with his camera van. Shindler?s camera is designed for portraits captured in a controlled, studio environment.

The camera was created using various camera parts Shindler has collected over the past decade, along with some custom pieces he personally designed and had built. The bellows was taken from a 60-year-old copy camera (it?s like an old school copier), while the lens was a Rodenstock Sironar-N 480mm f/8.4 lens purchased for $1,000 on eBay.

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